Australian Manufacturing, By Kat B. 17 August 2023 ––––––

Electric truck maker Foton has launched an Australian first with the T5 EV Tipper, a fully electric, ready-to-go tipper,  with a zero-emission drivetrain that offers sustainability and robust performance.

In a press release, Foton said the T5 EV Tipper distinguishes itself with an unrivalled 3,500kg braked towing capability for electric vehicles, establishing it as a viable option for a wide range of industries. 

Up to 6,000 kg gross vehicle mass (GVM), the T5 can be fitted with a GVM of 4,500 kg and operated with a car licence, and both options come with the ability to tow.

The tipper body is manufactured in Australia and is available for quick turnaround, enabling fleet managers immediate access to Foton’s national dealership network for T5 tipper truck stock.

“Here at Foton Mobility Distribution, we are particularly proud of the T5 EV Tipper, as it combines the positive attributes of going all-electric, while also providing the performance and towing capabilities that are required in the real world,” said Bill Gillespie, Foton Mobility Distribution’s General Manager – Light Duty Vehicles.

“From a financial standpoint, it makes a lot of sense, as the model allows for a genuinely affordable entry into the EV tipper market, with 20 per cent lower upfront and operational expenditure costs,” Gillespie added. 

He also noted that with the T5 EV Tipper, the company hopes to maintain the momentum it gained in the short time it has been on sale in Australia as the market leader for pure-EV trucks.

The Foton T5 EV can be modified for virtually any ultimate application in the light-duty industry besides the tipping application.

The package’s uptime is unaffected by DC fast charging, which allows for complete recharging in just 1.5 hours, or alternatively, the normal 11 kW AC onboard charger, which allows for overnight turnarounds.

Additionally, the T5 EV has a full safety suite, including a Low-Speed Pedestrian Warning System, an extensive electronic braking and stability support package, dual SRS airbags, as well as a reversing radar and buzzer, and a range of 180 km when fully loaded.

All Foton EV trucks are supported by a 5-year/200,000-kilometer vehicle warranty and an 8-year/300,000-kilometer traction battery guarantee, both provided via a statewide dealer network stretching from Cairns to Perth.