November 8, 2022 • By Peter Roberts • Australian Manufacturing Forum –––––

Chief Operating Officer Greg Balkin said that over 1,500,000 kilometres had been driven by their fleet of electric buses in the first three years, saving the equivalent energy to more than 41,000 barrels of oil.

Balkin said: “We saved over 1.8 million kilograms of C02 tailpipe emissions in the three years since we launched the first BEB trial in 2019 – that’s equivalent to saving the energy of nearly 6,000 cars.

“We have come a long way since the initial trial, with a permanently integrated fleet of 58 buses, Australia’s largest volume of battery electric buses in operation, while collaborating with industry partners to design and deliver the largest electrified depot in the country.”

Balkin said extensive training was provided to drivers for battery electric bus safety and regenerative braking, helping them to upskill.

“Our customers and local communities are also telling us they prefer the battery electric bus experience, as they are cleaner, quieter and more comfortable.”

Picture: Nexport